'80 – '90


Pieter Botman (born 1963) - lead vocals and harmonica - 1980 to 1990
Rand Peppler (born 1963) - guitars and vocals - 1980 to 1990
Bill Anderson (born 1963) - drums - 1980 to 1982
Mick Kern (born 1963) - bass and backing vocals - 1981 to 1985
Rob Hanson - drums - 1982 to 1983
John Ferguson (older guy with mustache) - drums - 1983
Bob Grant - drums - 1983 and 1985
Gilles Mantha (also played drums with Tuinols) - drums - 1985 to 1990
Pat Levinson (also played sax with Dub Rifles) - saxophone - 1985
Derek Campfield (also played bass with Screaming Bamboo) - 1986 to 1990

Type of music played

three-chord melodic punk-pop

First gig

1980 Gloucester High School Talent Show
Other gigs worth mentioning

February 1982 - No Pigs Club

Spring Beaver show, March 27, 1982.

April 1982 - The Roxy (opening for Hunger Project, who became the Cowboy Junkies)

October 1982 - The Roxy (Frigidaire Concert for CKCU FM)

With Screaming Bamboo, early '83 [N.C.F.C review]

Opening for the Exploited, early '83 [N.C.F.C review]

June 1983 - Le Shoe Clack in Quebec City (release party for "Blender Mix" album) - best gig ever!!!!

July 1983 - Beverly Tavern in Toronto (only other musicians dared to show up)

A lot of shows at Ottawa's Barrymore's Music Hall:

  • Monday, March 28, 1983, with Screaming Bamboo
  • Saturday, February 25, 1984, opening for the Forgotten Rebels
  • Saturday, March 31 1984, with the Pushkins and Durango 95
  • Thursday, April 26, 1984 with Republic Connection Band and Ian Ross
  • Monday May 14, 1984, with The Cramps
  • Monday May 21, 1984, (just them, the stars!)
  • Friday July 19 and Saturday July 20, 1985
  • Saturday, September 21,1985
  • Tuesday, December 31, 1985, with 3 O'Clock Train

July 1st, 1984 - some stupid boat cruise on the Ottawa River

July 1st, 1985 - Astrolabe Theatre near Parliament Hill (this gig shown forever on Skyline Cable)

Summer 1985 - Canadian Tour (Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, a looong time in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Regina and Ottawa)

Porter Hall at Carleton University in Ottawa Friday, September 13th, 1985
Autumn 1985 - Larry's Hideaway in Toronto (opened for the Forgotten Rebels)
Exquinox in '85
At the Astrolab in '85

Last gig

sometime in 1990


1. "Blender Mix" compilation (1983)

1983 - Three tracks on the Blender Mix compilation - a project featuring Ottawa and Quebec City bands co-produced by Youth Culture Promotions (Ottawa) and Productions sans nom (Quebec City)

[click on the speaker to hear a short sample]

  • Rockworld
  • Innocent City
  • Seminental

For a large article (en français) on the Blender Mix compilation, click here.

2. "Independence Day" E.P. (1985)

- Independence Day, Freedom Train, Maybe I'm Not Sure, The House That Jack Built

3. "Cassettera" compilation (1985)

- Stained Glass

4. "You Thought I Was Foolin" E.P. (1988)

- This Gun Says Goodbye, Lovelost, Silence Whispers, Why Should Lovers Die, Made'r Happy

5. CMJ "Certain Damage" compilation (1988)

- Lovelost

6. Indie Can '88 compilation (1988)

- Lovelost

Claim to fame

We didn't have to find real jobs during the '80s

Band high point

- interviewed by J.D. Roberts of MuchMusic (July 1985)
- a number of cross-Canadian tours
- playing on the same gig with Civil Terror

Band low point

- getting all the way to Victoria, only to find out that we had to open for a high school cover band (August 1985)
- Mick leaving the band in Winnipeg (Nov. 1985)
- band breaking up in 1990, just we were having some success
- playing on the same gig with Civil Terror
Extra stuff While playing "Verna's" in Winnipeg, Joey Shithead checked out one gig and told Pieter that we were "tuneful" (July 1985)
While playing "Rockers" nightclub in Edmonton, Corey Hart showed up. Pieter proceeded to make fun of him until he left (August 1985)

That same four night stint at "Rockers", the Animals (local bikers) showed up and went nuts when we played "Born To Be Wild". Pieter had us repeat the song during the encore...and which point the biker women lifted up their tops to show us their breasts and their beaming biker boyfriends grinned.

Unlike Edmonton, where the club sold out, the gig at The National Hotel in Calgary was attended by four people (August 1985)
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Mark Craig had formerly been with the Republics. Mick Kern went on to co-found the Town Cryers, currently plays guitar and banjo with Cousins of the Moose.

Pat Levinson who played sax for them in '85 also played sax with Dub Rifles.

Gilles Mantha also played drums with Tuinols. Currently plays drums and records with "Good 2 Go" in Ottawa.

Derek Campfield also played bass with Screaming Bamboo.

Other links

[NCFC interview, issue 7, 1983]

Their page on here

Contact information

Where are they now

[from Mick:]
-sitting at my desk in Toronto...why, where are you?
-Rand works in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles...and is doing quite well
-still looking for Pieter and the cast-of-thousands who drummed for us

Info source

Mick (as it appears everyone else in the band has lost interest, and who could blame them)

and N.C.F.C.

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