Section 8


1981–1989; benefit gig 2000; Zaphods 2006


Started out in 1980 with
Steve Bent (founder) on Vocals Sept 1980
Charles Arsen guitar joined Sept 1980
Rockin Ron Gendron on Bass joined Sept 1980
Jon Finn on Drums joined December 1980

Karl Reznick joined in 82 on Lead guitar
Charles Arson left in 82
Rockin Ron left in 82
Marty Timusk from Target 21 joined in 82 on Rhythm guitar
Scotty Howarth from Target 21 joined in 82 on Bass
Jon Finn left after letting the band down for the St Lucia tour Dec 1983 by cancelling out at the last minute.
Mike Cousineau, a friend, filled in on the St Lucia tour purely by chance as he was along for the ride anyway.
Jon was replaced by Steve Gram on drums in January 1984
Marty left in 1987 to live in Toronto

The 2006 line up is:
Karl Reznick Lead guitar
Steve Wildesmith aka Steve Bent - Vocals and Rhythm guitar
Blair Hogan - Bass and backing vocals
Blair is currently in the Architects playing guitar (and in "The Radio" cover band to earn a living)
Ross "the rock" Williamson is on the drums

Type of music played

Fun, Energetic, thought provoking '70s New York, West Coast and British influences

First gig

Hoopers January 1981

Other gigs worth mentioning

The Roxy, The Jungle, Barrymores all many times even Peaches which was a shock. Banana Obskuri in Hull and god knows where else.

Backstage at the Roxy. (Click for larger view)

Last gig

Barrymores opening up for BTO Dec 1989 use to open for MacLean and MacLean all the time for some reason they liked Section 8


Can't let Go Charted no 1 on Campus radio across Canada

Hollywood Hallowe'en

Recorded the Album "Unstable World" but was never released because the stuio "lost" the 2" masters

Claim to fame

Fun Band

Band high point

Playing in St Lucia on Independance day in fact the whole trip was a blast the band stayed at ladera and marigot bay and everyone brought their date so it was pretty special.

Band low point

Having the Unstable World Album disappear and not continuing to play after the BTO gig, the band blew up for no apparent reason. Steve went to Jamaica for a holiday and when he came back everyone had split?

Anything else?

Steve Bent got several calls from friends and fans in '84 asking if he had sold his song Star Wars to John Cougar. It appears "R.O.C.K. in the USA" is virtually identical. ("Star Wars" was on the "lost" 2" tape from the infamous Ambiance Studio)
Steve said no but to this day when you hear ROCK in the USA you think Star Wars if you ever heard it.


Section 8 was formed from the ashes of "Crackerband" a party band that cover iggy and the Stooges amoung others. Crackerband had Ron Charles and Steve from 1979 to Sept 1980 when they changed the name to Section 8.

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Contact information

Where are they now

Steve Wildesmith: Here in Ottawa, recently 2 weeks ago gathered up Karl to reform Section 8 and took a gig at Zaphods on Feb 12 2006.

Info source

Steve Wildesmith aka Steve Bent

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