No Cause for Concern? Issue #2 | May 1982 | Page 4 | Easter Beaver show review

Saturday, April 10th, 1982

Originally the brainchild of Melanie K. as a means of replenishing the Y.C.P. coffers after the loss suffered from the "Spring Beaver" concert, the response to the idea of an Easter Beaver show was immediate and positive. In less than two weeks of planning, "Easter Beaver" took place at Mic's on Saturday, April 10th, and despite the rush it was carried through relatively professionally. The place was full by 9:00 (when the first band was supposed to go on) but due to the usual backstage delays, TARGET 21 -- who weren't even supposed to play first -- didn't go on until around 9:30. Once they were on, things were okay and we could even forget about the unbearable heat for a while. TARGET 21 was good (was usual) and we got about 45 minutes of energetic hardcore music before they finished.

The price of the evening was right -- $2.00 to get in, $1.25 for a draft and $1.50 for bottled. Everything was going along smoothly, TARGET 21 had finished their set, BUGS HARVEY OSWALD was getting up... then Vig went onstage with a message from the management. Some F.A. had torn a water pipe loose in the men's washroom and we were being requested to leave quietly within the next five minutes. Luckily no one caused any more problems although it took more than five minutes for everyone to leave.

So much for "Easter Beaver". It was only 11:45, only one band had played and some F.A. has to go and pull a stunt like that. It was not appreciated to say the least. Those who put on the "Easter Beaver" show went through a lot of trouble and it's a damn shame when something like that happens.

Anyway, there's no point in going on about it now. Y.C.P. did manage to make money on the show and they plan on having more shows such as the May Day Beaver on May 1st. Let's hope this one has a happier ending.

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