'80-'85 (some would argue considerably less)


Philip Hogarth - vocals, guitar
Aidan McGovern
- keyboards
Michael Griffin
- bass
D'Arcy Walsh
- drums
J.P. Vaucrosson
- guitars

Type of music played

our own stuff. also played 2 covers: MTM theme and i'm a believer. not very well, but fast

First gig

ivy rooms, dublin, ireland

Other gigs

everywhere in eastern US and Canada, Ireland

(including a ton of shows at Ottawa's Barrymore's Music Hall:

  • Mon. May 10, 1982, with The Republic
  • Mon. July 26, 1982
  • Sat. Aug 14, 1982
  • Mon. Oct 18 to Wed. Oct 20, 1982, with Design
  • Wed. Nov 24, 1982, with Screaming Bamboo
  • Thurs. Dec 2, 1982
  • Thurs. Mar 31, 1983
  • Sat. June 4 1983
  • Mon. Apr 2 , 1984
  • Tuesday January 4, 1983, with the UK Subs)

Last gig

Cameron, Toronto


'81: windmill lane, dublin (3 songs),
'82: bye-bye,
'84: comfort sound (3 songs), etc.

Claim to fame

Most and least liked band of '82 (CKCU poll, we won both categories)

Band high point

CBGB, Danceteria, Massey Hall

Band low point

near the end. we all turned into wankers

Anything else?

not really


not really. d'arcy played with Bureaucrats for a while


[NCFC reviews - opening for the Professionals review, "Farewell to Arms" concert review]

Contact information

Where are they now

working the drive-thru at a wendy's near you

Info source

[not NCFC]

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