No Cause for Concern? Issue #3 | June 1982 | Page 2 | Letter

Dear N.C.F.C.,

New social and music scenes are often a counter-reaction to smugness and elitism in the established circles. Yet very often those attributes are quickly adopted by the new musicians and fans.

Such is the case here in Ottawa. Because Vengents aren't seen by some people as "real punks" or some bullshit like that, they are dismissed out-of-hand without regard to their earnest attempt to project a lot of energy. Some of the same people that label them "not hardcore enough" can be seen drooling over Teenage Head, The Professionals, The Bop Cats and other out-of-town ilk. A few of the audience (some of whom are musicians themselves) openly ridiculed and shunned the Vengent's set at the May Day Beaver (Tomorrow's Cellar, May 1st).

Well, I think all of that's a load of crap. If the Vengents aren't your cup of tea -- you could leave instead of making fun of them. You may think they aren't righteous enough, but look at how they stood up to intimidation to finish a powerful set of tight, fast, danceable songs. The majority of their tunes were original -- "Last Ways", "The Fall of Anne Boleyn", "Street Warfare", "Aimed High and Missed" being a few titles -- while many "hardcore" bands in Montreal and Toronto are still upchucking oldies for most of an evening.

John Biddle (vocals), Jeff Tanguay (lead), Ron Levi (drums), Mike Stubbing (bass) and Andy Seal (rhythm) showed a lot of restraint in not laying into the assholes poking fun at them during May Day Beaver. Vengents have earned everyone's respect and support and if you don't like the way their band comes across -- GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PUT TOGETHER A BAND THAT'S TIGHTER AND STRONGER -- POSEURS!


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