No Cause for Concern? Issue #3 | June 1982 | Page 11 | May Day Beaver

May 1, 1982


Youth Culture Promotions put on another show May 1st underneath Tomorrow's Restaurant and this one too had its minor problems but this time they were pre-show fuckups and had little to do with the final gig. (A certain unreliable person had "forgotten" to book Mic's club which was quite an inconvenience to Y.C.P. since the posters had already gone up.) Determination prevailed however and the location they finally came up with used to be the old "Rotters Club" which brought back many fond memories for former Rotters patrons.

Aside from that, the show went on as planned with SOMETHING RED, THE VENGENTS and THE ANGRY RAISINS playing. All three are local bands and it was SOMETHING RED's first public performance and they were a good opening band. Something Red played about 15 songs ranging from rhythmic, danceable instrumentals to earlier-sounding punk. The audience definitely enjoyed their music and showed their appreciation by demanding they play "I Want to Live With You" again.

The second set was played by the VENGENTS who've been around Ottawa for a while now but I'll be damned if I or any of my cohorts can remember a thing about them (I do remember, however, overhearing a group of people commenting on how this show was probably the best they've played yet.)

THE ANGRY RAISINS played the last set which started around 11:00. The Raisins have been performing publicly since November '81 and they are usually very good but this night they didn't seem to be in top form -- or at least not compared to the Spring Beaver show. Unfortunate, but not detrimental to their performance. They just seemed to get more tense as the set went on. Their first songs were well done and having Peter Botman of the RandyPeters come up and sing back-up vocals for "Torn Apart" was great.

All in all the show went smoothly except for one minor incident at the back door where a certain asshole threw a beer bottle in the general direction of a Y.C.P. person when she told him he'd have to pay to get in (oh horror! two whole dollars!) I hope this isn't going to be the pattern for future Y.C.P. Shows. They don't deserve those irritating fuck-ups.

Event poster courtesy Jennifer Grover:Show Poster

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