a couple of years in the early '80s


Mark Garland (lead vocals, drums)
J.P. Sykes (guitar),
Peter Barszczewski (bass),
Marc Comeau (drums),
Norris McPhayden (sax)

Type of music played

M.G.: pretty good

"dancable, mostly instrumental funk-influenced songs" - issue #?
"soulful funk" - issue #7

First gig

M.G.: Rotters Club, I think

May Day Beaver, May 1, 1982, [NCFC review]

Other gigs worth mentioning

The Rotters Club, The Roxy, Barrymores, Jungle Club, the basement of a hotel downtown?, and somewhere in Hull

Saturday Night Beaver [NCFC review]

Last gig

M.G.: probably that one in Hull  

Mark and Norris

Mark, Peter & Norris

(We practiced in a tiny room in the basement of Norris' fathers office. He was an architect so all that stuff in the background is files, blue prints, etc.)

J.P. / Mark
Marc and Mark


Only one banged up cassette remains of a part of a show at The Roxy as far as I know.

Claim to fame

Ha ha ha, that's a good one.  

Band high point

the sex

Band low point

The sound man at Barrymores running down from his board to tune my drums during sound check yelling and swearing the whole time. "Don't you know how to tune your own drums?" I didn't even know how to PLAY my drums.

Any other intersting tidbits, fun stories

It wasn't any fun. We were scared shitless, literally. We would line up for the toilet before a gig.  


Mark Garland played drums and wrote lyrics for "Jack Boot & The Oppressors" who released one CD on 2000 which kicked ass. J.P. was in a band in Toronto called "Big Phatty". J.P. went on to play guitar with Bugs Harvey Oswald


Contact information

Where are they now

Mark Garland is in Montreal, still making music and art.


Mark Garland


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