No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 15 | the Professionals with B.H.O.



Sorry it's taken so long to do a write up of the Professionals but their show wasn't so impressive that I had to run home and write about it. Therefor it wasn't in the last 'zine but it's here now, better late than never.

BUGS HARVEY OSWALD was the opening band and they started their set about ten past ten and announced that this would probably be their last gig. (Rumour had it that the visas of two of the band members had expired and they were being deported back to Ireland.) Anyway, BHO played a forty-five minute set of new wave electronic music which the crowd seemed to enjoy but I found that although the music was well done, they didn't put on much of a "show". There was more energy in the keyboardist's left leg than in the rest of the band put together.

After a forty-minute break the PROFESSIONALS finally came on. They had the crowd on their feet and dancing in seconds. By this time Barrymore's was just packed full of people ranging from punks to new romantics to rockers, most of whom seemed to have come to see the two ex-Pistols. I've never seen so many Sex Pistols T-shirts in one place in my life. And this was unfortunate for the Professionals because that's an image they're trying to break away from. They played rock and roll and they played it well with Steve Jones and especially Ray McVeigh putting out a lot of energy. As I said, it was rock and roll. Not punk, not new wave.

Anyway, I suppose it was a good show but it's not quite what I'm into. We had more fun looking at the audience.

- S.B. and J.F.

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