No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 5 | Zombie X-Terminators

Zombie X-Terminators

After missing the debut of Zombie X-Terminators at Intersection in Montreal a couple of months ago and again with the Restless Virgins (due to the rather abrupt departure of their drummer) I said fuck this shit, I'm going to see Zombie X if it kills me. So we, Bruce, Corine, Eliza and I finished practice and braved the bus route from Tim's house in Kanata to the Roxy and the shitty weather (it was raining like hell) but we finally made it just in time to catch Zombie X's set.

Zombie X-Terminators consists of Vig on vocals, Andy Bandrowsky on lead guitar, Mike Larson on rhythm guitar, Steve Bird on bass and Terry Cooper on drums. They were hot!!! They did about 12 songs. I like their material and "Rideau Hall is Burning" and "I Hate Rock and Roll" were my favorites especially that cow bell on "I Hate Rock and Roll.

Besides that, Vig has the neatest dance this side of the (in)famous Bruno Bop!! Definitely a band that has something to say. Check them out at Frigidair III. Great lyrics.

- Dave Champion

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