??? 1982

Vig - vocals,
Andy Bandrowski - guitar,
Mike Larsson - guitar
Steve Bird - bass,
Chris Bandrowski - drums

September 1982

Vig - vocals,
Andy Bandrowski - guitar,
Steve S. - rhythm guitar
Dave McCaig - bass,
Chris Bandrowski - drums

M.L.: Voytek Bandrowski played with us a bit as second lead guitarist - he was the third Bandrowski brother, and was in the original band "Urban Fate" (played at early Frigidaire shows, among others) - alot of the key songs that Tained meat and Zombie Xterminators played were from Urban Fate. Voytek died at a young age of an anurism in the late 1980s (R.I.P.) He was as good or better a guitarist as Andi.

Type of music played

punk rock

First gig

Intersection in Montreal

Some other gigs

A show at the Roxy, NCFC review here.

Last gig


Claim to fame

cow bell on "I Hate Rock and Roll" (according to DC)

Andi's amazing 6 minute song "RideauHall is Burning", maybe the longest fast punk song in the Canadian punk scene.

and being the band behind RAR Canada (Vig had the incorporation papers for Canada)

Band high point

Band low point


M.L.: Zombie X was the same band as Tainted Meat, with a few personnel differences - we played the same set of music - mostly written by Vig and Andi, with the occasional song from other band members.


Vig and Mike Larsson were also in Tainted Meat. Andy Bandrowski was also in Restless Virgins, Tainted Meat, and Elastic Colission. David McCaig was also in the Angry Raisins, Last Prayer and Top Ten.

Photo by Pam Corey

Andy, Vig, Mike at a party in Montreal 5/1982

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Contact information

Where are they now

Vig: California

David McCaig died on May 26, 2003, after a valiant struggle with brain cancer. David was one of the three founding members of No Cause for Concern? fanzine. He was involved in a number of bands and very active in "No Pigs" and "Youth Culture Promotions". David was creative and enthusiastic and contributed greatly to the Ottawa punk scene in the early '80s.

Info source

Mike Larsson, NCFC.

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