No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 13 | Raw Sewage and the Tuinols review

Everyone must hate them both!

Raw Sewage and the Tuinols

Monday, September 6th, 1982, at the Roxy

Raw Sewage played back-up band. It was another one-shot affair with Frank Szabo on the prophit 5 playing for that event alone. The infamous dictator-extremist, Brian Bunt, is forever changing lineups for his "bands". He's a very whimsical guy. Brian (guitar, vocals), Mark (bass), and Dave (drums) were good as usual. Frank's Devo-ish head poses and high quick keyboard sounds gave the band a poppy taste. But the music managed to charge ahead. Only a couple of people danced. Dave Champion stood at the foot of the stage and glaring at Brian (tell us all why Dave).*

The crowd was composed of about 60 people -- 20 of the "hardcore-Cooper-Street-teen" variety and 40 or so of the "middle-aged-into-the-rock-scene-go-for-the-steady-income" variety. So there was zilcho support for Raw Sewage. It was an un-electrifying atmosphere and Brian was non-challent but uneasy, laughing in a subdued way and exchanging casual remarks with a few die-hards at the front of the stage. The majority of the audience clapped very politely in between their songs. The power of these songs did not move anyone. Inertia was rampant throughout the club.

On comes the TUINOLS -- out go the "hardcore-Cooper-Street-teens". It seems that some posturing and the original song lyrics of the Tuinols are not appreciated by [these] people. Most of the younger people seem to think that songs about getting older and relationships are meaningless and that lyrics like "I wanna break you, I wanna rape you..." are sexist "to the max". But some of those same people laughed at Black Flag's sexist "Roadie band" so there's a discrepancy here. And maybe the Tuinols aren't serious about that stuff. Has anyone every asked them?

The Tuinols play good covers in my book -- Ruts, Gang of Four, The Jam, Richard Hell and the Voidoits, etc. They are tight, well paced, energetic and hard driving for the style of music they choose to perform. All musicians did an excellent job. They don't offer solutions to the decadence of North America or the conflicts of International Politics. That is their prerogative. They are good to dance to (as their friends proved) and I like them for good times at a dance.

Many people who put them down do so because these guys don't fit into their "image" on the "scene" and we all lose because of it.

- Vig

[Written at the bottom of the article:

*'Cause I'm a fucking faggot, Trevor. - D.C.]

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