1981 – 1984?


Brian Bunt - guitar, vocals
Paul Trunley - rythmn guitar
Mark Struzina - bass
Dave Dudley - drums

(Dave Dudley was drummer on and off throughout the various configurations of Raw Sewage.)

Brian Bunt - guitar, vocals
Mark Struzina - bass
Drew Headrick - drums
Angela Awful - vocals
Brian Bunt - guitar, vocals
Mark Struzina - bass
Drew Headrick - drums
Brian Bunt - guitar, vocals
Dave Coulson - rhythm guitar
Mark Struzina - bass
Drew Headrick - drums

Type of music played

Original Punk rock

First gig

Brian Bunt: 1981 at the Chandelier in Hull with Tainted Meat and DOA Dave Dudley: I don't remember DOA at the Chandlier club but I remember The Young Lions.

Other gigs worth mentioning

Opening for the Tuinols, Monday, September 6th, 1982, at the Roxy with guest musician Frank Szabo on the Prophit 5.
Santa's Hardcore Christmas Party at the Riverside Hotel, Ottawa December 1982. With Youth Youth Youth, Zeroption, Discords, Outbreak, Expressions of Anger, Civil Terror, Porcelain Forehead, and Last Prayer [NCFC review]

Drew Headrick: December 11th 1982 – the Wave Club Riverside Hotel. I think we were reviewed in NCFC and did okay on that one. It was the first “big” concert since Target 21 days and was a great night. I remember being blown away by how good Porceline Forehead was. Fucking Ian can drum hoops around me and with my own drum set too. Oh well.

Café L’Alternative January 28th 1983 – I think this was the ANVA benefit and was a damn good concert. Angela was super and I cannot remember much other than bright lights, loud music and happy people.

M.D.C. Benefit, The Jungle Club, September 16, 1983, with the Tuinols, Reactors, Honest Injun, and Porcelain Forehead.

Rideauview Hall, Ottawa, June 2nd, 1984, with Unwarranted Trust and Snuff Maximus

Last gig

DH: Rideauview Hall June 2, 1984. Many guest singers on that one including DC DAVE, Mike Hillis, and Steve Korver (sp?)


DH: 2 studio tapes, many rehearsal tapes and the last concert recorded - none released.

Sample from a live recording:

Claim to fame

"Our claim to fame was our backline of ridicoulously loud tube amps and the fact that we NEVER double picked (we didn't know how)".- Brian Bunt

Band high point

BB: The band was always high.

Band low point

BB: drew headrick's "love song" We Need Help.

DH: Brian says my song - it was one of 3 we played at the old Rotter's Club and one of our favourites at the time with a wicked guitar solo at the end. Must have been my singing.

Anything else?

DH: We did sort of reform in 1990(?) with Brian and Dave Coulson - Played one show at a Youth Centre Concert in Kemptville then disbanded in the new year.

Dave Coulson: this band was actually called "happy pappy" and that band continued with me playing drums and Brian Bunt's new girl, Darlene George, playing bass.


Brian Bunt was the former lead guitarist with The Angry Raisins

Drew was the former drummer with The Angry Raisins and with Target 21

Mark and Brian form Skull Giver with John Knoll (of Gruesomes fame) on Drums


Contact information

Where are they now

I (Brian Bunt) am in Owen Sound Ont. In my living room, at the computer, typing that honest enough?

Dave Dudley runs Daves Drum Shop, an amazing store in Ottawa.

Dave Coulson: currently [2011] "fronting a band called 'King Shit' and can be heard at I am moving back to the Ottawa area soon and will have Drew Headrick on drums in the near future. (target 21/raw sewage etc).as for work, I am a tattooist for 20 years and own Fat Cat Tattoo in Acton, Ontario."

Info source

Brian Bunt, Drew Headrick, Dave Coulson, Dave Dudley, N.C.F.C.

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