No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 11 | Angelic Upstarts show review

Angelic Upstarts

Show review by Sheila Boyd

I'd been waiting a long time to see this band and don't regret paying $7, or going to Barrymore's to do so. The only problem of the evening was quickly resolved by a bouncer. Considering the mediocre turnout they had, the bands seemed to enjoy themselves.

The opening band, Elastic Collision, came on boasting a '77 sound and fared well in doing so. It was most peculiar to see a band without a bassist, however, this didn't seem to affect the sound too much. The only song I remember right off was "Pipeline", shortly after, the singer came on and blew the show to shit. She had an aggravating presence, a nauseating voice, not to mention looking like a Tobasco Bunny.

Enough said, on to the main attraction.

The Upstarts came on about 11:30 and most of the bottom tier piled around the stage. They had a strong beginning and grew more powerful with every song. They played both old and new songs including: "Last Night Another Soldier", "42nd Street", "Guns for Afghan Rebels", "England", "I'm an Upstart", "Police Oppression", "You're Nicked" and "Too Many Voices".

The dance floor exploded with energy and seemed to fuel the band. In some conversations later I found out their drummer Paul, ex-ROXY MUSIC, has only been with the band two weeks and Brian, rhythm guitar, has only been with them a few months, and says they don't consider themselves a specifically punk band. Tony, bass, feels that a lot of people who listen to their music don't feel the meaning of the lyrics. Mensi, lead vocals, is quite the character, getting the crowd to their feet and join in singing when he held the mike out. He seemed to enjoy sticking his hand down his pants and made no secret of his love of girls of all shapes and sizes.

All in all (except for the wimps up top) a good night.

Photos by Pam Corey

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