1982 - Roughly between 6 months to a year...


Rosh McGrath - vocals and bizarre go go dancing
Steve Gelling - guitar, vocals
Andy Bandrowski - guitar, vocals
Reg Allen - drums, vocals

Type of music played

loud fuzzed out surf a billy

First gig

An Ottawa U. party on King Edward

Other gigs worth mentioning

Opening for the Angleic Upstarts at Barrymores [N.C.F.C. review]

Last gig


Claim to fame

Very loud obscure covers that only people like Joey Shithead , Vig D., Colleen Howe etc. knew were covers.

Band high point

When a couple of us were cornered by Joey Shithead and Dimwit (DOA drummer) after the show saying they fucking loved what we were trying to do. They invited us out to their van and we hung out for an hour or so. I remember the bass player was the former lead singer of the Subhumans. It was cold but a bottle of whiskey kept us warm. None of them could understand Rosh as she had a very thick Scottish accent or she was very drunk...probably a combination of both. Another high point was opening for Angelic Upstarts.

Band low point

Some people didn't understand what was going down musically and they didn't like Rosh's vocals but I though they were unique as she sang with a Scottish accent a la "Lydia Lunch" and used to do these bizarre almost performance art type dances. It was fucking funny to watch.

Extra stuff


Steve Gelling and Reg Allen continued with the Restless Virgins. Eventually Reg quit to form Scarlet Drops. Steve joined Deep Six when the Virgins folded and later formed Human Interst. Rosh moved back to Glasgow and joined a ska band. Andy Bandrowski had been in Tainted Meat and Zombie X-Terminators and later joined the Restless Virgins in '84.


Contact information

Where are they now

Reg lives in Ottawa and plays bass in roots/punk band Good 2 Go. Andy B. lives in L.A. and continues to play in bands. Rosh lives in Glasgow.

Steve Gelling passed away in Toronto, December, 2010.


Reg Allen, NCFC.

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