No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 11 | Elastic Collision show review

opened for the Angelic Upstarts at Barrymore's]

Barrymore's is a shit hole. It's hard to believe it used to be ten times worse. Before, bouncers would pound the shit out of people if they felt like it. Now they ask people to leave if they dance aggressively, slam, or dive, then pull 'em out if they don't conform. NO FUN is the word, with muscle to back it up!!! Is a little improvement better than none? Just barely! I doubt I'll ever go there again. The management is in the stone age and can't understand the scene.

The fun-time cover band (1/2 restless virgins, 1/4 Zombie X-Terminators, with Rocheen [spelling?] on Vocals) played for fun. Reg's powerful drumming held it all together. The guitar mix was mushy but powerful. Some songs were great -- originals I hadn't head and a cover of the Viletone's "Screaming Fist". Rocheen was a sex object, a skirt that barely touched her hips, fishnet nylons and black low heels. Her voice is unique but she could've put it to better use perhaps. She was having too much fun dancing and center staging to be aggressive in any respect, which was the mood of much of the material. Will the Elastic Collision rebound from this scathing review? (Keep up the good work, y'all.)


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