No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 3 | editor's comment to letter #1

[editor's additonal comment to the previous letter]

Shortly after receiving this letter I managed to come across a copy of the magazine in question. I agree one hundred percent with your analysis of the editorial. His attitude is so conceited yet pathetic it's embarrassing. If Ottawa is the "Negative City" he says it is, it is only because there are people like him running around calling it that. The scene is only as good as you make it (that holds true for both the rock scene he is discussing and the punk scene that this 'zine tries to cover) and there is no point at all in comparing it to what's happening in Toronto or wherever. His attitude is only self-defeating and it makes me wonder what the hell he's doing that "magazine" for instead of moving back to Toronto.

(P.S. And I'm sure Miss Universe couldn't give a shit what he does.)

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