No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 5 | Channel 3 show review

Channel 3

w/Civil Terror

at the Jungle, August 3, 1983

There were a lot of problems surrounding this show but in the end it came out as good as could be expected. First off, the show was advertised as having CH3, the F.U.'s and Honest Injun playing but the F.U.'s cancelled and the opening band should have been listed as Civil Terror. As for the major problem, Channel 3 were VERY late in arriving. They didn't even get into town til around midnight so the audience -- what little there was of one -- had been sitting around for hours. Civil Terror finally went on pretty late and even with Terry in a cast from crotch to ankle, they were still pretty tight (not that Terry plays his bass with his right foot but I was sort of expecting him to fall over at least once).

After Civil Terror finished it was a rush to get Channel 3 on stage as there was hardly any time left before the place shut down. Once they were on though, they put out an incredible fury of sound. They started out with "I Got a Gun" and barreled right through most of the songs from their first e.p. The breaks between songs were but seconds long due to the fact that they had only 25 minutes to do their stuff. All things considered (no sound check, the soundman not being able to take directions from the band very well and having to play for a handful of people) they put on a pretty good show with a sound that was...adequate. If the 25 minutes they played this evening are any clue of their musical abilities, I'd recommend to anyone to make sure you catch them next time around. With proper time for set up, sound check and all, they probably put on one hell of a show. Of course, those of you who showed up and stuck around to see them would know that for yourselves. CH3 are a damn good band.

By the way, CH3 have a new 12-song album out called "After the Lights go Out". Check it out.

Photos by Janine Frenken


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