Ottawa's original hardcore band

[left to right] Dave, Tim, Dave, Tim, Russsell Taylor/Crawford, Dave, Terry, Dave, Tim,
Russell Taylor/Crawford, Tim Terry Dave and Russell, and Tim again.


April '82 - December '83


April '82 - Sept. '82
Dave Champion (19) - vox
Bruce Voss (17?) - guitar
Tim Mech (13) - bass
Russ Taylor (Crawford) (17) - drums

Sept. '82 - March. '83
Dave Champion - vox
Tim Mech - guitar
Russell Joyce (17) - bass
Russ Taylor (Crawford) - drums
March. '83 - Dec. '83
Dave Champion - vox
Tim Mech - guitar
Terry Hindley (20) - 3/83 to 12/83 bass
Russ Taylor (Crawford) - drums

Type of music played

Fucking HarDCore!    

First gig

Y.C.P. presentation: "Leave it to Beaver" at the SAW Gallery, Ottawa, July 30, 1982 [NCFC review]

Other gigs worth mentioning

Santa's Hardcore Christmas Party at the Riverside Hotel,
Ottawa 12/82 [NCFC review]

Quebec City 3/83 [NCFC review]

w/Channel 3 at the Jungle Club, August 3, 1983 [NCFC review]

Toronto w/ Young Lions, Articles of Faith and MDC 7/83 [NCFC review]

from Bruce Voss:
Montreal at a place called (I think) the HardOn Club. I know it was a great gig but I had some substance abuse problems at the time (now I am one of those clean and sober people) and so don't remember much else. I think we made about $30 each, a took some Quaaludes and drank a bunch of beers and woke up broke and with no cigarettes in some warehouse. I remember meeting these guys in Montreal that had a coffin for a coffee table.

Photo courtesy Carine Turay. Don't know what show it's from though...
b/w photos from Santa's Hardcore X-Mas Party, 1982, by Janine Frenken

Last gig



Some crappy 9-song 4-track cassette that no one has a copy of

Claim to fame

We were all assholes
Bruce Voss:
Still alive and well (thanks Johnny)

Band high point

Tim Mech freaking out Greg McPherson (drummer-Last Prayer) who was flying on acid, Quebec City, 3/83
Bruce Voss:
I would say for me the Montreal gig.

Band low point

Hindley's broken leg hanging out the window of the rental car on the way to AoF/MDC gig in TO 7/83

Bruce Voss:
Falling out with the guys because I was so wasted all the time. Getting too serious about it all.

Other stories

None, we were some droll motherfuckers

Bruce Voss:
Lots of good times: All the drugs and booze (yes some of it was fun). Madge. Being on stage and driving a crowd (really it was quite easy). The coffin thing. Russ' Sedrick drawing, the barn we practiced in at times. Being ruled by hormones instead of logic and common sense. Smashing stuff. Not giving a shit. No responsibilities.


Dave and Tim went on to form Snuff Maximus with Sean Murphy on bass and backing vocals and Ian Seabrook (ex-Porcelain Forehead) on drums and backing vocals. After that, Dave formed Deep Six with Ian Seabrook, Tim Mech and Steve Gelling (formerly with the Restless Virgins). Deep Six recorded a single in '85 on Nomad Records ("Complaints Department" backed with "Rockin' at the Rideau") with Rob Sanzo replacing Tim Mech on bass.

Tim went on to form The Bookmen with Dave Bookman, did some solo work and is now entertaining the masses with Tim Mech's Peep Show out of Toronto. Russ Taylor (Crawford) was drumming for Peep Show for a while but he left in '01.

Bruss Voss and his Pal Vin play acoustic blues now.

Links to other websites

[NCFC interview, August 7, 1982]  



Where are they now

D.C.: In a 9x12 cubicle sucking ass for a foreign government.
- Update, now he's in europe, definitely not sucking ass for any government.
- new update: wait, he's at it again.
Bruce Voss: I am married with 3 kids and 2 dogs, am currently living in the 'burbs. I do not golf regularly. I often notice myself thinking "I wish those kids would turn that damn noise down", but I still like to crank it myself from time-to-time.  


Dave Champion, Bruce Voss, N.C.F.C., JF

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