No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 12 | Black Dove

Black Dove

A long time ago, before they broke up.

Managed to catch them at the Jungle on Friday where they were playing with Unwarranted Trust and Civil Terror. I missed Unwarranted Trust (again) but I did see Civil Terror. They played lots of fast-fast thrash pumped out to a mostly unappreciative audience with Dave Champion joining the few slamming on the dance floor for most of their set and heckling the rest still in their seats. Ian of Porcelain Forehead got up and did drums for a rowdy version of "Public Defender" (an S.O.A song). It was entertaining anyway, especially when Russell Joyce joined in with Dave to heckle the crowd.

Now on to Black Dove. Never having seen them before, I didn't know what to expect but I wasn't disappointed. Or at least not at first. With Jim on drums, Marty [Flagpole] on bass and Jamie on guitar and vocals, they had a good sound remarkably like Rudimentary Peni [then] Marty took over on vocals. For the rest of their set it was musical chairs with each taking turns playing whatever and Jim sang for a while too. It certainly showed their versatility but Jamie never went back on vocals and with either of the other two singing they seemed to lack any sort of power.

One thing they did -- while not unique but at least rare -- was provide a copy of their lyrics at the door. It had nine songs written out on it and they contained themes against government, the military, religion and apathy among other things. So if you go see them and they're handing them out, get one and read it. They make interesting reading if the band doesn't grab you.

Black Dove flyer / lyric sheet front Black Dove flyer / lyric sheet back

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