No Cause for Concern? Issue #8 | October 1983 | Page 13 | M.D.C show review

Youth Culture Promotions presents:


Civil Terror, Porcelain Forehead,
and Unwarranted Trust

M.D.C., that amazing "hardcore" band from San Francisco, played in Ottawa in July 16th in what has to be the HOTTEST concert on record. Four furious bands joked and screamed their way through four hours of sweat-pouring temperatures in one of Youth Culture Promotions most successful concerts.

Things got underway more or less on time despite the late sound checks (always late sound checks). Porcelain Forehead opened up, being selected by random draw, not experience. This was one of their most intense performances to date. Ian on drums, Bruce on bass, Chris on guitar and Mike Hillis on vocals were in good form with a lot of punch. They were quite tight and have a very moving dramatization of the insanity created by living in North America. Most of us were in awe including M.D.C. who have promised Porcelain Forehead assistance in distribution of the soon to be released e.p. entitled "Right now the world Needs a Clear Head".

Unwarranted Trust came on next after a prolonged intermission and window opening to let in some cool air. Unwarranted Trust is one of the "newer" bands playing original music. Their songs are strong with a broad range in speed. Social and political awareness is a part of most of their material. The four-member band with Sherri on drums, Corine on bass, Mimi on guitar and Mandy on vocals played well but show a lack of confidence and tightness, both of which are overcome by continued live performances. So let's hope they have a lot more gigs in the near future.

With another open window refresher we were ready for Russ, Terry, Tim and Dave (Civil Terror) the "bad boys" of Ottawa. They played the best I've ever seen them. Tim Mech has really improved as a guitarist, playing much clearer and smoother during his fast chord changes and leads. Terry, C.T.'s new bassist, fits in well with the band and forms a strong back for their sound with Russ's drumming. Dave Champion is the real force of the band though, with his zealous expressions and facial contortions. The band is VERY fast and aggressive, excellent thrash. They lacked a bit of tightness but the energy and enthusiasm they generate more than overcompensated for any shortcomings -- the crowded, hot conditions included.

Last to go on was M.D.C., one of my favorite of favorites. M.D.C. is a very idealistic group of people who promote and play very original, positive activist music. A great band with lots of energy, strong melody lines and lyrics to think by. They started playing at the end of a boiling evening but still kept people up and moving. Dave is captivating -- running around on stage with his exaggerated gestures and searing eyes. His one-liners and stories in between songs keep people's attention peeked. Each song is a package with a meaning and musical direction. A very strong unit. They were great and may one day return. It was a fine concert and we hope to have many more like it.


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