No Pigs

"No Pigs" was the name of an underground group of punks who put on shows (mostly basement shows at a punk house on Laurier Avenue West) which eventually turned into "Youth Culture Promotions".

The house shows had tickets disguised as invitations and were numbered.

[This page is a work in progress. A better description and scans of posters from some of their shows to come]


From an article in Issue #1 when No Pigs was transitioning into Y.C.P.:

Y.C.P. was formed in November 1981 to research the potential opening of a space for hardcore bands to play, record and socialize. A group was initially formed from two high schools but due to the posturing has pulled together small groups of kids over 20 miles. They (core=15) set up committees to handle sound, co-ordination and public relations (police, city, radio).



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