No Cause for Concern? Issue #1 | April 1982 | Page 2 | Spring Beaver

Spring Beaver


Sorry, but the paragraphs written on this Ottawa night were at Julia's place and couldn't be printed. For all out-of-town people this is written.

Spring Beaver was a concert put on by Youth Culture Promotions, [the] Ottawa Underground group originally named "No Pigs".

Y.C.P. was formed in November 1981 to research the potential opening of a space for hardcore bands to play, record and socialize. A group was initially formed from two high schools but due to the posturing has pulled together small groups of kids over 20 miles. They (core=15) set up committees to handle sound, co-ordination and public relations (police, city, radio) and operated from January 2nd to March 20th, 1981.*

The Spring Beaver concert was put on with the SUBVERTS from Chicago, the YOUNG LIONS (Toronto), and the RANDYPETERS, the ANGRY RAISINS, TARGET-21, and ATTENTION SPAN (all from Ottawa).

Poster for Spring Beaver

*These dates are incorrect. YCP actually operated for a few years.

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