Public Servants


March 1981 – September 1981


Dave Smith – Guitars and Vocals
Steve Bell – Guitar
Mark Barbeau – Bass
Drew Headrick – Drums
Phil Nicholson – Vocals (kicked out early on)

Type of music played

included some covers: some Teenage Head, UK Subs,
Ramones and Sham 69

First gig

South Carleton High School Talent Show – I think we only did 3 or 4 songs but this was the debut of the band May 1981(?)

Other gigs worth mentioning

Paradise Room Riverside Hotel June 5th 1981 with the Restless Virgins and The Sidwell – I sold my beer for the cash as I did not drink at the time. Cannot remember who arranged this gig.

Frigidaire Concert June 30th 1981

Riverside Hotel August 22nd 1981 with the Restless Virgins

Riverside Hotel August 29th 1981 with the Restless Virgins and the 4 Saints.

Last gig

After one final big bash at Steve’s place we called it quits. Not really sure why but we had one hell of a practice and party.


Band high point

Playing Frigidaire. A real showcase and we were in fine form.

Band low point

Being seen as "posers" for not dressing up, or down or having ripped pants or tattoos. Punk was about individualism and it really pissed me off that because I did not dye my hair or have pins and needles that some of the downtown crew would dismiss me.

Other stuff

Drew Headrick: We practiced at Steve’s house in Nepean. Mark and Steve were cousins. Dave and I went to Bell High School and only Mark did not live in Nepean.

Drew Headrick: This was my first introduction to playing live and it was too much fun. We are not really remembered as being part of the scene in Ottawa as we all lived outside the area. Our other drawback was that none of us really hung out downtown. I think Dave did more than any of us. The Virgins were quite nice to have us play. We were a funny cover band at the time.


Drew Headrick: I think the other members got a new drummer and became UXB [reviewed here]. Pretty darn sure about that one.

Drew Headrick went on to drum for Angry Raisins, Raw Sewage, and Target 21.

Dave Smith also fronted U.X.B. and later played guitar with Grave Concern.


Contact information

Where are they now

Drew Headrick - Advertising Sales Rep. Kemptville Ontario

Info source

Drew Headrick

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