No Cause for Concern? Issue #5 | September 1982 | Page 4 | Leave it to Beaver

The Y.C.P. Leave It To Beaver event was a great success showcasing three new Ottawa bands that play original music -- combining performance art with live music acts for one of the first times in Ottawa and grossing the gallery around $400 in bar sales. There were about 180 people there.

The acts, in order of appearance:

FORBIDDEN FRUIT - this was a one-shot deal (they are now two bands) guitarist-singer Brian Bunt left (as planned) to renew his insane adventures with the hard-hitting RAW SEWAGE. The rest of the band replaced Brian with lead singer Mike Hillis (formerly with the now-defunct ANGRY RAISINS). That new band is called PORCELAIN FOREHEAD. Both groups are exceptionally brilliant. Raw Sewage will play "Back to Beaver" at the Roxy on September 5th backing up two L.A. bands. Porcelain Forehead will play a YES Campaign benefit at the Roxy in October with the BLUE ANGELS, ROCK OF GIBRALTAR and possibly the RANDYPETERS.

So who cares about Forbidden Fruit. Now a fond memory or a demo at best.

Mark Frutkin, Murray Wilson and Riley Tench performed a "Play on Words" which was a whole series of sounds, word repetitions, interactions (did you see David McC. join in?), taped music and other antics. It seemed to last fairly long for it was an unusual type of experience to get into but it seemed to hold many people's attention. I though it was good.

On comes Ottawa's U.X.B. (there are several bands by that name). They were really good -- not quite as raw edged as the other two bands that evening but with a great drive and punch. Lead singer Dave Smith gave a good performance -- the rest of the band played very well. Not to be missed...


Then on came visual artist, poet and exhibitionist Aarnese. With a paper backdrop and video monitor as props, Aarnese proceeded to draw, move and stretch, take off his clothes down to his black briefs, read poetry, draw and stretch, and so on. I was unable to catch much of Aarnese's performance but his audience was large and attentive, proving this type of expression can be received well in conjunction with live musical acts.

Last was CIVIL TERROR, one of Ottawa's faster bands. Civil Terror had the best audience response of the evening with lots of people smashing into each other, jumping around, dancing on the stage and singing through the P.A. This type of activity makes for great FUN! Like the other events of the evening, most of the material Civil Terror performed was original which is the way 99% of us at Y.C.P. like it. (I that true? I think so.)

So it was great! Come Back to Beaver and go nuts!

(Epilogue: hope I didn't make a mistake similar to my incorrect statement two issues ago that Burnt Offerings played mostly covers at Saturday Night Beaver when in fact the opposite was true -- last word is that Burnt Offerings is, for most intents and purposes, no longer with us. Now a fond memory or demo at best.)

- Vig

[Civil Terror: Tim Mech, bass, Dave Champion, vocals] [Civil Terror: Tim Mech, bass, Dave Champion, vocals, Bruce Voss, guitar, not visible: Russ Taylor (Crawford), drums]

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