Dave Champion- vocals
Tim Mech - guitar
Sean Murphy - bass
Ian Seabrook - drums

Type of music played


First last and only gig

at the Ottawa Curling club with Unwarranted Trust and Raw Sewage ?/84


Boombox live tape from the above-mentioned show.

Claim to fame

Their really cool logo and stickers.

Band high point

Band low point

That they only lasted a few months?

Anything else?



Dave Champion had been the lead singer for Civil Terror. After Snuff Maximus he formed Deep Six with Russell Taylor (Crawford), Tim Mech and Steve Gelling (formerly with the Restless Virgins).

Tim Mech had been bassist then guitarist for Civil Terror, stayed with Dave for Deep Six then went on to form The Bookmen with Dave Bookman, did some solo work and is now entertaining the masses with Tim Mech's Peep Show out of Toronto.

Sean Murphy had been in Urban Attack.

Ian Seabrook was the original drummer with Porcelain Forehead and later replaced Russell on drums in Deep Six.


Contact information

Where are they now

D.C.: still in a 9x2 cubicle sucking ass for a foreign government - update, now he's in europe.

Ian is in Vancouver doing really cool stuff underwater.

Tim's in Toronto, when he's not on the road.

Sean is MIA.


N.C.F.C., JF, Ian S.

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