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Attention Span
Burnt Offerings
Something Red

Saturday, June 5th, 1982
Ottawa Boys and Girls Club

Well, well, well, to start off I've just been to a Youth Culture Promotions meeting (they're held every Monday at XXXX, everyone welcome!) and there was bitching about the lack of "professionalism" in our setup -- late sound checks, poor p.a. mix and loose ends on the organizational level.

Assuming that those problems will be ironed out -- our next concert with CIVIL TERROR, U.X.B., THE BRIAN BUNT REVIEW and THE ZOMBIE X-TERMINATORS should be great.

BURNT OFFERINGS opened up the evening with Anti Pasti's "No Government" and almost everyone was on their feet by the second song. Burnt Offerings are the reincarnation of the Mormon Tabernakel Quire with Dave Baldy as the new lead singer (Jamey - guitar, Randy - bass, Morris - drums). Although I would have enjoyed hearing more original anti-war material like "Action G.I. Joe" the set was great; very fast and aggressive and definitely on the extreme end of Ottawa's hardcore spectrum. That's something we could use a lot more of.

My favorite Ottawa band performed the second set -- ATTENTION SPAN. Their lyrics are the best in North America. Their simple powerful music is original and unique. However, because they are so young and unconventional, they've had a hard time gaining support. Their sincerity and idealism are an inspiration to anyone who's at all sensitive to meaningfulness.

Like Burnt Offerings, Attention Span is a strong anti-apathy, anti-war, anti-authority group and their all-original set -- including "Yellow and Blue", "Dead Civilian", "War", "Peekhole", and "Roar" -- make people think about what's happening around them.

Attention Span has replaced their guitarist with Marion on keyboards. Eliza on drums, Sebastian on vocals and Dave on bass complete the group. Attention Span may be signing on with a brand new local record company, "Riot! Reports", to be among several Ottawa groups on a compilation album. If it happens, one of Ottawa's finest young bands will finally be on vinyl.

The third set was by SOMETHING RED. By this time the hall was really hot and stifling but everyone was up dancing as Something Red played their dancable, mostly instrumental funk-influenced songs. J.P.'s guitar playing greatly impressed me -- with the bass leading the drums and sax in filling out the sound. Something Red's new lineup did not perform -- but when they do, Mark, the drummer, will be singing lead and playing snare or other stuff I'm told. A new drummer, who's name I don't know, will be replacing Mark on the drum set.

Despite the heat and a shortage of cold drinks (the blame's on me!), the concert was a success -- raunchy, powerful and up-tempo in true Beaver fashion. Stay tuned for the next one "Leave it to Beaver" at a location near you!

- Vig

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