No Cause for Concern? Issue #4 | July 1982 | Page 3 | Up and Coming

YOUTH CULTURE PROMOTIONS is putting on another show, "Leave it to Beaver", on Friday, July 30th with U.X.B., FORBIDDEN FRUIT, and CIVIL TERROR and there will be two punk poetry readings during the band's breaks. The doors open at 8:00 pm and the show starts immediately.

The Roxy is also having a few shows of interest. On July 21 they'll have CHRON-GEN and TARGET 21. On the 28th BUGS HARVEY OSWALD is playing. For August, the Roxy is being used by some acting company (or something like that) and will only be having bands in on Monday nights. So on Monday, August 9th, they've got the PRODUCTS (a Stranglers cover band) and SOMETHING RED and then on September 1st they've got ANTI-PASTI from England. On September 9th, also from England, they'll have D.o.A and VICE SQUAD. (Tentative at the Roxy are DISCHARGE, SOCIAL DISTORTION, and YOUTH BRIGADE and the YOUNG LIONS.

Don't forget, the DEAD KENNEDYS will be playing in Toronto on the 28th of July at the Concert Hall. More news on the Toronto scene: the UGLY MODELS have changed their name to PRIMAL SCREAM. The Drake is closed but there's a new place called Club With No Name on Dovercourt above Bloor that's booking bands. Some new Toronto bands are: ALPH AKEN* (German for 'to chop up'), THE IGNORANTS, BLIBBER & THE RAT CRUSHERS and THE SWINDLE. To add to your list of great Toronto fanzines: Rip the System XXXXXX

Another fanzine -- the one is from Ottawa -- that you might be interested in buying if you haven't already done so, is called C.U.X. I thought it was great myself. (Encore, encore!)

*I apologize to the band if I've spelled their name wrong (and I'm pretty sure I have since "to chop up" is auf hacken). It was submitted to me the other way so that is how I wrote it because it's almost four o'clock in the morning and who the hell am I going to call at this hour to check?

(The Toronto stuff was taken from a sheet compiled by Vig on information passed on by Brunno, Steve, Lisa, Piss, Carl, Mark, Paul and Chris)

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