No Cause for Concern? Issue #6 | December 1982 | Page 20 | More misc. news

ABRASIVE WHEELS, ADDICTS and BLITZ have new albums out *** D.K.s and M.D.C. are presently on tour in Britain, M.D.C. doing quite well on punk charts *** BLACK FLAG in the studio recording a new l.p. expect N.A. tour following return from Germany/England tour in the spring *** ANTI PASTI has moved to the U.S. *** UK SUBS are on an North American tour *** D.K.s' new album out soon, single "Bleed for Me" doing quite well *** D.O.A.'s "War on 45" out, reviewed this ish. *** 'Quincy' is a jerk *** ALLERGIC (Montreal) have split up, ex-singer Dave is now going to acting school, other members have formed a new band with Tim (New York) ***RAW SEWAGE has new drummer Drew (ex-TARGET-21) *** ZOMBIE X-TERMINATORS still exist although they are in temporary hibernation, BURNT OFFERING also in the same state *** no more room, bye bye.

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