No Cause for Concern? Issue #7 | March 1983 | Page 3 | News and Stuff

News & Stuff

RAW SEWAGE has split up but Brian Bunt may be reforming a new band with Drew Headrick, formerly on drums with Raw Sewage, playing keyboards (?!) /****/ A new thrash band called BLACK DOVE is being formed. This might be classified info so I'll try to get into a s little trouble as possible by not mentioning any names. Sorry Bill and Jim /****/ POTENTIAL PET FOOD is the name of a recently formed band. It's members go to Glebe Collegiate: Sue Dyment on vocals, Adrian Sheppard on guitar, Cave Chicouet on drums and we don't know who else /****/ Vince, Sebastian, Rob and Vig have over a dozen original songs w/lyrics and are getting tighter every day. When are they going to perform publically? When are they going to get a name? /****/ To clear things up. LAST PRAYER is now Melanie Kaye - vocals, Julia P - rhythm guitar, Colleen Howe - bass, David McCaig - lead guitar, Greg McPherson - drums. Plans are in the works for them to record and release a cassette /****/ The RANDYPETERS have a new drummer and are going to be dong some more recording /****/ GASH has a new singer, Jane Davies /****/ PORCELAIN FOREHEAD have been in the studios and laid down 8 or 9 tracks. Most have still to be remixed but they're basically great as they are! The plan is to put out a 7" e.p. Watch for that one /****/ What are ROCK OF GIBRALTAR doing? /****/ What are Gonks-Go-Beat doing? /****/ What are the DESTROYERS doing? /****/ Youth Culture Promotions and Les Productions Sans Nom from Quebec City are working together on a compilation album to feature the music of Porcelain Forehead, last Prayer, The RandyPeters, Outbreak, Hergst Korps, Turbine Depress and possibly The Modern Pickles.

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