Ottawa's original all-female punk band


October, 1982, to ?,1983?


Colleen Howe
- bass
Eliza Cochrane - drums
Julia P - guitar
Melanie Kaye - vocals

early 1983
Colleen Howe
- bass
Melanie Kaye - vocals
Julia P - rhythm guitar
David McCaig - lead guitar
Greg McPherson - drums and bagpipes

Type of music played

Punk Rock, baby!

First gig

Glebe Collegiate, October 28, 1982 [N.C.F.C. review]

Other gigs worth mentioning

Hometown Harvest Music Festival - The Wave Club, Ottawa, November 23, 1982, with Porcelain Forehead, Raw Sewage, RandyPeters and Shout

Santa's Hardcore Christmas Party - The Wave Club, Ottawa, Dec. 11, 1982, with Youth Youth Youth!, Zeroption, Outbreak, EOA, Civil Terror, Porcelain Forehead, Raw Sewage and the Dischords [NCFC review]

YCP Benefit for The Alliance for Non-Violent Action: Cafe Alternatif, Ottawa University, Jan 28th, 1983, with Raw Sewage and Porcelain Forehead

Lock All, Quebec City, February 11, 1983 with Outbreak, Turbine Depress and Civil Terror

Anti-Macho Party - Lock-All Quebec City, March 5, 1983 with Zyklon B. and Chiennes 50c

Vinyl Beaver Benefit - The Roxy, Ottawa, March 31, 1983, with RandyPeters and Porcelain Forehead

Last gig



4 tracks on the "Blender Mix" vinyl compilation album put out by "Les Productions sans nom" (Quebec) and "Youth Culture Promotions" (Ottawa), 1982

  • Religion
  • Goblin
  • Listen to the Clock
  • Black Hole
For a large article (en français) on the Blender Mix compilation, click here.
Matrax Women's Alternative Compilation Cassette, a "reunion" recording under the name Past Layers, 1985

Claim to fame

Ottawa's first all-woman/ all-girl punk band -- i.e., goddess-like godmothers of grrrrrrl power. Until the guys joined, that is. Ottawa's - possibly the world's - only punk band with bagpipes. Was that a good thing?

Band high point

Playing the Lock-All in Quebec City in February in minus @#@$$% weather with no heating, and having to put mittens on between songs to stop fingers from freezing. Important anyone singing did not lick microphone or tongue might freeze to metal. Or, wait, was that a low point?

Band low point

Our hair.  

Anything else?

Hmmmm. Where to start?  


Eliza had been a member of Attention Span before this band and after went on to play bass in Honest Injun for a while.

Julia went on to join Unwarranted Trust and Top Ten.

Melanie Kaye moved to Toronto and fronted Smear.

David McCaig had been with the Angry Raisins, and later was in Top Ten.

Greg McPherson went on to drum with D-Ploy


Melanie Kaye & Smear: The Gazette - Underground Sound article, 1998

Contact information


Where are they now

Eliza: Stylist for Britney Spears

Colleen: Mayor of Palm Springs

Melanie: Punk/Alternative band promoter in Toronto and has her own company: Melanie Kaye PR

Greg: Curator, Museum of Contemporary Napkins (actually, Greg has a thriving company: kelticnations which makes handmade silver jewlery. Beautiful stuff.)

Julia: Ballet Teacher, St. Mary's Primary School

David McCaig died on Monday, May 26, 2003, after a valiant struggle with brain cancer. David was one of the three founding members of No Cause for Concern? fanzine. He was involved in a number of bands and very active in "No Pigs" and "Youth Culture Promotions", he was creative and enthusiastic and contributed greatly to the Ottawa punk scene in the early '80s.

Info source

Julia, NCFC  

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