March 1980 - September 1984


Steve Gelling - guitar,
Mary Anne Barkhouse - bass,
Jeb Bond - drums,
Nick Andrews - vocals
Steve Gelling - guitar,
Mary Anne Barkhouse - bass,
Reg Allen - drums,
Nick Andrews - vocals
Steve Gelling - guitar,
Mary Anne Barkhouse - bass,
Andy Bandrowski - second guitar,
Nick Andrews - vocals

Type of music played

Original Punk rock

First gig

Nick Andrews:

September 1980 Cedar Lounge, London Ontario

Jeb Bond:

[Nick] stated that it was the Cedar Lounge in London, ON, but, and I could be wrong, I think it was the LaPaloma Lounge in Ottawa (Rideau at Nelson)

Some other gigs

Riverside Hotel - Saturday, June 5, 1981

Riverside Hotel - Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22, 1981

Barrymore's Music Hall - Monday January 2, 1984 (solo)

Barrymore's Music Hall - Sunday, February 5, 1984 with D.O.A. and D-Ploy

Last gig

Nick Andrews:

July 1984 - Shoeclacque? Hull, PQ., I think


Two self-titled singles, one was a live recording

Claim to fame

? Jeb Bond:

I think we started the whole Riverside Hotel scene by organizing shows there on our own. The Paradise Club opened in the basement there, after we did many shows upstairs in what became the Klondike Room.


Band high point

Nick: Playing the first and second Frigidaire shows  

Band low point

Nick: There are too many unhappy moments to mention.


Anything else?

Jeb Bond: I think it was the summer of 1981, the Virgins embarked on a month-long stay in Toronto, in an attempt to overtake the big city with our raucous punk rock. We played many of the cool TO bars (Beverly, Turning Point, etc.). Little did we know that it was just about as hard to get people out to see an unknown band in Toronto during the middle of the week as it was in Ottawa. We also played some after-hour clubs (speakeasies), one of which was raided by the police right after our set. I remember the cops told the musicians we were not in any trouble, and could just remove our gear and leave. As I was speaking to one undercover cop about how he used to play drums, and how he once auditioned for Moxy, I saw through the front widow of this second storey club all the kids they had just asked to leave, turning over one of the cop cars on to its side. I tried not to laugh. During our "stay" in TO, we stayed on various floors, and some of us stayed with friends who lived at the YWCA. We fed ourselves once a day at the Wendy's all-you-can-eat salad bar, for $3.95.


Andy Bandrowski had been a member of Tainted Meat. Reg Allen had previously drummed with The Clones. Jeb Bond drummed with Screaming Bamboo. Steve Gelling was also in Elastic Collision and went on to play guitar with Deep Six. Steve later went on to form Human Interest with Tabitha Holtz and, later, Your Buddhist Childhood. Nick Andrews is with The Rails Rock Band in T.O.

Jeb Bond:

After leaving the Virgins I formed Screaming Bamboo with 2 members of The U-mens, whom I met when they opened for us. I have played in many Bands over the years: The Hooblers, Feast of the Mau Maus, Purple, Evil Kneivel, Tall (while living in Baton Rouge), & Freudhammer. I am currently in two bands: Three Legged Man (a guitar/drums duo formed out of the ashes of Freudhammer), and Evil Farm Children (a rockabilly/surf influenced rock band)

Links to other sites

See for current musical projects

Jeb Bond's Evil Farm Children

Contact information

Nick Andrews can be reached

Jeb Bond can be reached

Where are they now

Nick Andrews lives near Queen St W Toronto.

Steve Gelling was found dead in his apartment, December, 2010.

Jeb Bond is back in Ottawa, working for an Architect, and playing in two bands (Evil Farm Children and Three Legged Man)

Info source

Nick Andrews, The Rails Rock Band in Toronto
Jeb Bond

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