Sebastian Levenson - vocals
Vince Saunier - guitar
Rob Sanzo - bass
Greg McPherson - drums
Sebastian Levenson - vocals
Vince Saunier - guitar
Rob Sanzo - bass
Luc Guenette - drums

Type of music played

original punk, somewhat funk?

First gig


Some other gigs

Barrymore's Music Hall - Sunday, February 5, 1984 with D.O.A. and the Restless Virgins

Y.C.P. presentation with Honest Injun, D-Ploy, Porcelain Forehead and Unwarranted Trust ?/84 [NCFC review]

Opened for the Dead Kennedy's at the Paladium in Montreal, 1985

Last gig



Vince recorded a lot of their shows and practices but nothing was released officially.

Claim to fame

Band high point

Band low point


Anything else?



Greg McPherson had previously drummed with Last Prayer, Sebastian had been with Attention Span.

Links to other websites

Contact information


Where are they now

Rob Sanzo is in Toronto recording, producing... something like that...

Greg McPhereson is making beautiful silver jewelry at Keltic Nations.



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